Detailed game rules

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The objective of the pool is for your selected roster to score the most points for the tennis tournament. The person’s team who has the highest score at the end of the tennis tournament wins their bracket.


After your roster is selected & the tournament starts, players on your team score (+) & lose (-) points in different ways. Generally, a player will score points as he/she progresses through the tournament. A more dominant match win is designed to result in more points awarded to your team (i.e: winning 6-1; 6-1 is a better result for your team than winning 6-4; 6-4). Team scores are displayed on a live leaderboard for your pool.

Points are scored by each player for three actions:
  • Winning a game
  • Winning a set
  • Winning a match
Points are subtracted from a player for two actions:
  • Losing a game
  • Losing a set
Action Result
Winning a game +1 Point
Winning a set +2 Points
Winning a match +8 Points
Losing a game -1 Point
Losing a set -2 Points
Bye +10 Points

See the scoring examples at the end for detailed examples.

Player injuries

You can edit your team until the tournament starts. If a player is injured before the tournament start time, you may substitute the player by editing your team.

Player retirements/withdrawals are scored for as follows

The “current score” at the point of the retirement or withdrawal is used as the winner’s and loser’s score for that round. See the scoring examples for player retirements.

Example 1: Normal match win
Raonic vs. Tsitsipas
Raonic wins 6-1; 6-7; 6-4
Raonic points
Games +6
Sets +2
Match +8
Total +16 points
Tsitsipas points
Games -6
Sets -2
Match 0
Total -8 points
Example 2: Normal match win
Krygios vs. Djokovic
Krygios wins 6-4; 7-6; 6-3
Krygios points
Games +6
Sets +6
Match +8
Total +20 points
Djokovic points
Games -6
Sets -6
Match 0
Total -12 points
Example 3: Win by retirement during match
Shapovalov vs. Simon
Shapovalov wins 4-6; 1-0 Retire
Shapovalov points
Games -1
Sets -2
Match +8
Total +5 points
Simon points
Games +1
Sets +2
Match 0
Total +3 points
Example 4: Win by retirement before match starts
Osaka vs. Azarenka
Azarenka wins as Osaka withdraws from match before it starts
Osaka points
Games 0
Sets 0
Match +8
Total +8 points
Azarenka points
Games 0
Sets 0
Match 0
Total 0 points

Tips & tricks to win

Get your picks in early - You can always tweak your team later until the tournament start time.
Do your player research - Following the ATP/WTA tour results and trends can be helpful.
Spread your picks - Try your best to avoid your players competing against one another.
Check the draw - Check the tournament draw when it comes out and modify your team if necessary.

If you have any specific questions -
feel free to reach out @ contact us.